Owner and President Greg Seligman’s inherent understanding for the construction business, architecture and design was partly due to being exposed to them throughout his life.

“Growing up with a father who is an architect enabled me to appreciate and recognize great design and meticulous attention to detail.”

Mr. Seligman launched his construction career in the high rise residential construction market. He began by working at prominent establishments – first with Evergreen Holdings and then with Strongland Construction – where he built high-rise and commercial/industrial buildings. After grounding his knowledge and expertise in these more complex projects and construction processes, Greg made his foray into the custom residential home market and gained experience working with a variety of custom home builders.

In 1986, G.E.S. Construction Limited was established. Eight years later, Greenstone Gardens Incorporated was born as the landscaping compliment to G.E.S. Construction. Having both aspects of construction coordinated by sister companies simplifies the process and enables the efficient planning and preparation of the landscape elements in conjunction with the construction of the home.

As the president of G.E.S. Construction Ltd., Mr. Seligman is dedicated to providing the best product for the unique needs and tastes of each client. As such, his approach focuses on building for quality versus profit, which ultimately prohibits G.E.S. Construction Ltd. from engaging in speculative housing and ensures a tailor-made home of the highest quality for every client.

Mr. Seligman has completed over 100 projects throughout Toronto during his 30 year career.